Car traffic near the village of Gudani is temporarily prohibited
28 September, 2023 20:36:06

On the 59th km of the nationally important Zhinvali-Barisakho-Shatili highway, near the village of Gudani, due to the collapse of a rock mass, all kinds of vehicle traffic is temporarily prohibited.

On September 29, traffic will be restricted on a certain section of the Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi road during daylight hours
26 September, 2023 18:15:12
Rehabilitation works are underway on the section of Vaziani-Gombori-Telavi highway of national importance, km 27-km 60 (Sof. Mandaula-Sof. Sion turn), for which it is necessary to limit the traffic of vehicles during a certain period of time. ...
Traffic on the Shukhuti-Atsana-Mamati-Dzimiti road was restored in both directions
25 September, 2023 18:08:01

As a result of the works carried out, road traffic has been restored in both directions on the Km2 and Km12 sections of the Shuhuti-Atsana-Mamati-Dzimiti highway of internal state importance. 

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