Restrictions Lifted for Light Vehicles at Kala-Ushguli Section
08 February, 2020 15:11:18
Traffic at Kala-Ushguli section has been resumed by application of antiskid chains. Due to snowfall and avalanche hazard, restrictions remain active at km186-km198 (Ushguli-Lasdili) section of Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili secondary road. Restriction at the mentioned s...
Traffic restricted at Mtskhetijvari-Zestaponi road for trailers
08 February, 2020 14:53:30
Due to heavy snow and low temperature, traffic at km 17-km106 (Mtskhetijvari--Zestaponi) section of Gomi-Sachkhere –Chiatura-Zestaponi secondary road is restricted for trailers and semi-trailers, while traffic is free for other types of transport....
Traffic resumed at Sachkhere-Zestaponi Road for Trailers
08 February, 2020 11:50:50
Due to conducted cleaning works, traffic resumed at Sachkhere–Zestaponi-Chumateleti-Khunevi road for trailers and semi-trailers. Due to heavy snow and low temperature, traffic is restricted at km17-km55 (Mtskhetijvari—Sachkhere) section of Gomi-Sach...
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