Traffic is restricted on the Faravani Pass
19 February, 2023 19:27:42

Due to difficult meteorological conditions (blizzard, limited visibility), traffic of all types vehicles is restricted on the km 94-km 110 (Faravan pass) section of Koda-Partskhisi-Manglisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda road.

Traffic is free on the remaining sections of the road.

Traffic of trailers and semi-trailers is restricted on the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni road
19 February, 2023 18:11:36

Due to intense snow and ice, the movement of trailers and semi-trailers is restricted on the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiatura-Zestafoni secondary road, while the movement of other types of vehicles is free.

On the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni road, traffic of trailers and semi-trailers has been restored
19 February, 2023 14:38:16

As a result of the cleaning works, the traffic of trailer and semi-trailer has been restored on the Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiathura-Zestafoni secondary road.

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