Restrictions on traffic were imposed on the Tsageri-Mele section
15 January, 2022 12:53:45
Due to heavy snow, the movement of trailers and semi-trailers is restricted on Kutaisi (Tskaltubo turn) -Tskaltubo-Tsageri-Lentekhi-Lasdili road km 42-km 125 (Tsageri-Mele) And at km88-km 125 (Lentekhi-Mele) section, traffic is allowed using anti-slip chains. Traffic with two or more driveways is...
Restriction of vehicles was imposed on Jvari-Ushguli section
15 January, 2022 11:30:11
Traffic of trailers, semi-trailers and buses with a capacity of more than 30 seats is restricted on the section Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili international road, km30-km186 (Jvari-Ushguli), On the km138-km186 (Mestia-Ushguli) section, light traffic is allowed using anti-slip chains. The movement o...
Traffic is restricted on Paravani Pass
15 January, 2022 10:49:15

Due to difficult meteorological conditions (strong wind and low visibility), all types of traffic is restricted on the Koda-Partskhisi-Manglisi-Tsalka-Ninotsminda road km94-km110 (Paravani Pass).

Traffic is free on the rest of the road.

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