Restrictions will be imposed on Senaki-Poti-Sarpi road on August 18
16 August, 2018 14:47:01
Due to rehabilitation works ongoing on Hydro-technical Dam located at the river Rioni in Poti, at km 27 of Senaki-Poti-Sarpi International (border of the Republic of Turkey) road, traffic will be forbidden for trailers and semi-trailers on the bridge on August 18, 201...
Traffic is resumed for vehicles on Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road
13 August, 2018 11:39:42

Traffic is only allowed for off-road vehicles on a km12-km72 section of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road, while traffic is forbidden for other types of vehicles. Traffic is free on a km1-11 section of this road.

Traffic is forbidden to the km 56 of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road
11 August, 2018 16:09:40

Due to rock-soil masses caused by intense rainfall on a km24-km56 section of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo secondary road as well as mudflows, traffic is forbidden for all types of vehicles.

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