Traffic is restricted on certain sections of the Sachkhere (Sareki)-Uzunta-Skhmeri-Zudali road and the Kutaisi (Choma)-Alpana-Mamison Pass road
20 February, 2023 21:24:51

due to the avalanche on the 35th km of the Sachkhere (Sareki)-Uzunta-Skhmeri-Zudali secondary road (Skhmeri village) and also on the 130th km of the Kutaisi (Choma)-Alpana-Mamison Pass secondary road, All types of vehicles are temporarily restricted.

Traffic is restricted for vehicles on the Gudauri (post)-Kobi section
20 February, 2023 19:23:32
According to the National Environment Agency, the level of danger of avalanches is high on the Gudauri (post)-Kobi section of the Mtskheta-Stefantsminda-Larsi international road, which is why all types of vehicles are restricted on the mentioned section. According to the National Environm...
The special traffic regime established for certain types vehicles on the Keda-Khulo section has been removed
20 February, 2023 15:23:06
The traffic of trailers, semi-trailers and buses with a capacity of more than 30 seats is restricted on the km 38-km 88 (Keda-Khulo) section of the Batumi (Angisa)-Akhaltsikhe secondary road, and the special mode of traffic of other types of vehicles has been removed as a result of the cleaning w...
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