Department of
 Roads Department of Georgia

Key projects related to the development of Georgian road infrastructure and road maintenance works on international and secondary roads are implemented by Roads Department by coordination of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure.


  • Gradual integration with the EU road standards
  • Ensure the safe road infrastructure
  • Rational planning of the road infrastructure
  • Development of improved road management system
  • Improvement of monitoring functions
  • Ensure competitive environment in the sector
  • Environmental protection
  • Improvement of social and resettlement policy
  • Ensure transparency of the activities and public awareness

Main directions
  • Construction of the E-60 and E-70 Highways
  • Construction and rehabilitation of international roads
  • Construction of secondary roads, rehabilitation – periodic repair;
  • Construction and rehabilitation of structures
  • Maintenance and operation of roads
  • Working on prospective road infrastructure projects
  • Ensuring riverbank protection activities


Currently, Roads Department is responsible for 1455km of International road and 6943 km of Secondary road.

From international road network E-60 (Poti-Tbilisi-Red Bridge) and E-70 (Poti-Batumi-Sarpi) highways are distinguished with high intensity of transit vehicles. These two roads join each other at the port city of Poti and represent main transit road with total length 450 km.

Upgrading of E-60 and E-70 highways commenced in 2006 and are being implementing by stages.

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