kvesheti-Kobi project

Project Description

Construction of 2-lane 22.7 km long asphalt-concrete road, 6 bridges and 5 tunnels is planned on Kvesheti-Kobi road, including construction of one 9km tunnel. The tunnel starts at Tskere village and ends at Kobi village, mentioned tunnel will pass under Jvari pass. Construction of Kvesheti-Kobi road is divided into 2 lots. 

Kvesheti-Kobi section is a part of the North-South Road Corridor. The road passes through difficult geographical route and characterized with heavy snowfalls in the winter period. Due to avalanche hazard and adverse weather, traffic is often closed in winter and transit traffic is interrupted. Construction of a new road and 9-km tunnel will address pending issues. Unhindered transit traffic will be possible at any time of the year.

Width of 9 km long Kvesheti-Kobi tunnel will be 15 m, that is rather rare not only in Transcaucasia but throughout the world.

500m arch bridge will be constructed on Kvesheti-Kobi road, which arch will be unprecedented with 300 m length. 

After project realization, distance between Kvesheti and Kobi will be reduced by 12 km instead of existing 35 km road, and travel time will be reduced to 20 minutes instead of 1 hour.

Kvesheti-Kobi road goes along the riverbed of Tetri Aragvi along 7-km section, passes through Arakveti village, then Serpentine starts from Kvemo Mleta. The road passes through Gudauri, crosses Jvari pass and ends at Kobi village; In total, nine villages are affected by the project.

The tunnel provides more secure and reliable conditions for passengers on the road in winter. Besides The National Park of Kazbegi and Gudauri Winter Resort will avoid the traffic flow by the help of the new road. The road will also improve the livelihood conditions of inhabitants living in gorge. They are isolated from outside world in winter and the villages of Khada are almost empty. There are no grocery store and pharmacy and the medical assistance is not available. Because of the nonexistence of the road and severe weather conditions local people have to go to Kvesheti on foot, which is connected with a lot of difficulties and risks. We must take into consideration the fact that there are mostly middle aged and elderly people living in the upper villages of gorge. It’s especially hard for them to pass this road in winter.

The project will allow us to maintain the traffic continuity in the winter, improve the road safety and carrying capacity, reduce the risk of road accidents and decrease the time of movement. The road makes it easier for local people to connect to the outside world. The existence of the road should promote inhabitants to return back to gorge, to develop of small business and to bring the valley to life.

Since opening Customs Crossing Point ‘’Larsi’’ next to Russian Federation, International Transportation companies (from Turkey, Armenia, Ukraine and ect.),local people and tourists are using intensively abovementioned road which caused the increase of intensivity of vehicles.It’s predictable to increase the traffic of vehicles and the freight turnover.

The construction works of Kvesheti-Kobi section is financing by Asian Development Bank and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The construction works will start at the end of 2019 and will be completed in 2024.



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