Rehabilitation of 26 km Nichbisi-Didgori-Didi Toneti Road Completed
25 July, 2019 10:00:57
Rehabilitation of 26km Nichbisi-Didgori-Didi Toneti road has been completed. The project consisted of two sections. The mentioned road connects the two regions – Mtskheta-Mtianeti and Kvemo Kartli with the shortest route. Reh...
Khevi-Ubisa Construction Works Actively Progressing
24 July, 2019 10:42:47
Construction works on Khevi-Ubisa section of Rikoti pass road are actively progressing. Cleanup activities, site clearing, removal of topsoil, arrangement of construction camps and plants, preparation of design for utilities relocation  and selection of landfill ...
Supplementary Security Measures Taken at Rikoti Pass Construction
22 July, 2019 15:27:49
Construction of Khevi-Ubisa and Ubisa-Shorapani sections of Rikoti pass road are developing simultaneously. During construction works, appropriate measures were undertaken for assuring road safety, in particular speed bumpers were ...
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