Construction of 50km Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Pona-Chumateleti Road Actively Progressing
27 October, 2020 09:52:18
Reconstruction of 50km Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Pona-Chumateleti road is intensively ongoing. The project consists of two sections, each of them 25km. Pavement works and arrangement of artificial structures are currently underway at the mentioned section. ...
Construction of Tbilisi-Sagarejo Highway Commences
23 October, 2020 09:33:11
Within the framework of the new Kakheti Highway Construction Project, construction of the Tbilisi-Sagarejo section begins. A 35.2 km 4-lane asphalt-concrete road will be built on the Tbilisi-Sagarejo section, which is characterized...
Construction Works are actively ongoing at Rikoti Bypass Road
21 October, 2020 10:16:20
Construction of bridges and tunnels at Rikoti Pass section is actively progressing. At this stage, construction works are ongoing at 11.7 km long Chumateleti-Khevi section, 12.2 km Khevi-Ubisa and 13 km Ubisa-Shorapani sections. Construction of Shorapani-Argveta secti...
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