Traffic Resumed at Shatili Community Connective road
07 June, 2019 17:10:58
According to the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure,as a result of the implemented works, the traffic is resumed for the off-road vehicles at km 91 of Jinvali-Barisakho-Shatili secondary road. ...
Works on the Damaged Sections caused by the Overflowing of river Nenskra will be started Immediately after Lowering of Water Level
07 June, 2019 16:36:40
In Chuberi village of Mestia Municipality, the overflowing of existing river Devra (the tributary of Nenskra),caused by the abundant precipitation, resulted in the overflowing of the river Nenskra. By this time, the population of C...
Works Started at flooded section of km 56 of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo Road
07 June, 2019 16:06:33
The water level lowering and road restoration works have been started at the km 56 of Pshaveli-Abano-Omalo road caused by the landslide resulted in formation of the lake. By this time, five units of heavy equipment including one excavator, one crawler excavator and th...
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