Rehabilitation of 54 km long road in the direction of Shatili is in progress
29 September, 2020 12:31:33
Road reconstruction in the direction of Shatili is one of the most significant projects among the projects ongoing in Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, which is a part of Sno-Juta-Roshka-Shatili-Omalo-Khadori Gorge-Batsara-Akhmeta road construction under Mountain Roads Projec...
Rehabilitation of 18 km long road section in the direction of Shatili is completed
28 September, 2020 11:01:25
Rehabilitation of 18 km long Zhinvali-Barisakho-Shatili section (km31-km51) is completed. Rehabilitated road goes along Aragvi River and ends at the entrance of Korsha village. Zhinvali-Barisakho-Shatili road is the only road, which connects regions with Shatili and P...
Arrangement of Mudflow Protection Channels to be completed in Rustavi
24 September, 2020 08:14:32
Mudflow protection works are at the completion stage at Rustavi city in order to protect the city streets and residential micro-districts from the torrential flow formed on the slopes...
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