Rehabilitation of Sagarejo-Udabno-Davit Gareja Monastery road is progressing
Rehabilitation of Sagarejo-Udabno-Davit Gareja Monastery road is progressing
08 April, 2021 09:21:27

Design-rehabilitation works of 14.8km long Sagarejo-Udabno-Davit Gareja Monastery Secondary road (km13-km27) are actively progressing.

The section to be rehabilitated is located in Kakheti region, namely in the territory of Sagarejo Municipality.  It starts in 12 km from Sagarejo and ends in the village of Udabno. Road improvement is important both for the locals and pilgrims, as well as in terms of tourism.

Within the framework of the project, the damaged road will be fully rehabilitated, earthworks will be carried out, road base will be arranged, asphalt-concrete pavement will be laid, artificial structures will be repaired and new ones will be arranged. Also, the delineation and marking of the carriageway, and installation of road signs will be implemented.

The project is funded with 6.4 million GEL from the state budget. The works will be completed this summer.

Rehabilitation of 13.4 km section (km36-km49) of Sagarejo-Udabno-Davit Gareja Monastery Road was completed last year. The rehabilitated section starts from the territory of the village Udabno and ends near Davit Gareja Monastery Complex. The works were financed from the state budget with 6 million GEL.

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