Disaster Clean-up operations steadily continues in Racha
Disaster Clean-up operations steadily continues in Racha
01 August, 2020 15:44:05

Disaster Clean-up operations steadily continues in Racha. Traffic has already restored with 7 villages, 5 villages still remained without the roadway.  Access to several villages is possible by temporary bypass roads. Access to 2 villages – Jinchvisi and Gona became possible yesterday, road was restored by arrangement of temporary bridge crossings.

Works are underway in Oni Municipality to turn the river back to its river-bed and temporary bridges are being set up in order to restore the traffic.


Collapsed sections at km118 and km127 are restored through temporary crossings, thus enables the special machinery to access to one of the most difficult, collapsed sections at km128. Road restoration works have already commenced at km128. From this section until Saglolo bridge, three collapsed road sections shall be restored, and 2 more sections from Saglolo bridge (towards bridge access road and Ghebi village).


In total, length of the collapsed sections is about 2 km. 

Electricity has already restored in 11 villages and working on damaged sections is continued. Before the final restoration of power supply, specialists of Energo Pro Georgia are working to provide power using generators in the meanwhile.

Magti" communications have been completely restored throughout the disaster zone.

The helicopters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs remain involved in facilitating the evacuation of population from the villages cut off from the outside world to Oni and the supply of food-stuffs and other necessary products for those, who remained in the villages.  Nine flights have been carried out today and it became possible to evacuate 80 persons.

Representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, Roads Department, United Water Supply Company, Energo Pro Georgia, Ministry of Internal Affairs,  Emergency Management Agency and local government continue working in disaster zone.

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