Road safety improvements in Kakheti region
Road safety improvements in Kakheti region
05 June, 2020 10:02:58

Relevant works were implemented in Kakheti region to improve the safety level of road infrastructure within the scope of planned objectives and measures of Road Safety National Strategy.

Road safety improvements were undertaken at 4 sections in Kvareli and Gurjaani municipalities. In particular, additional measures for improvement of existing road traffic safety were implemented at merging and branching points of secondary Tianeti-Akhmeta-Kvareli-Ninigori and Kvareli-Kvareli Lake, Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe and Kvareli-Mukuzani, Tianeti-Akhmeta-Kvareli-Ninigori and Kvareli-Mukuzani and Tianeti-Akhmeta-Kvareli-Ninigori and Talevi-Shakriani roads. Roundabouts, safety islands, road signs, road markings, signposts, flashing beacons, rumble strips and outdoor lighting network were arranged; the asphalt-concrete pavement was completely upgraded.

Project is financed from the sated budget and its contractual value is GEL 2 110 000.

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