July 4, 2009

Near Rikoti tunnel, at km142 of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze road, Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia will give informative briefing related to the rehabilitation works to be conducted in Tunnel.

Regarding the mentioned issue, in May of the current year, Georgian, German and Austrian specialists carried out all necessary surveys in Rikoti tunnel for planned rehabilitation works;

Chairman of Roads Department will inform the society details of completed project of Rikoti Tunnel and rehabilitation works to be performed.

Rehabilitation works of the tunnel include:

•    Rehabilitation of bearing capacity and hydro isolation system of the tunnel by means of modern technologies;
•    Modernization of fire protection, ventilation, lighting and power supply systems in compliance with European standards, what will be comfortable as well as economical. Update sewage system;
•    Installation of CCTV  cameras in 24 hour regime;
•    Ensure traffic management and safety measures in line with European standards.

Rehabilitation works of the tunnel will start in September of the current year.

Also, today, Chairman of Roads Department will hand new uniforms (waistcoats) made according to the European standards to the workers of Rikotti Tunnel. Mentioned waistcoats are equipped with specific reflective strips in order to insure safe movement for drivers through check point of the tunnel during the night hours. 


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