June 10, 2013

Rehabilitation of Purtio-Skhalta road will be carried out with minor changes

Rehabilitation works has been commenced at 7 km long Purtio-Skhalta section of Zomleti-Khikhadziri road under the World Bank financing. 7 km long Purtio-Skhalta section is a part of 28 km long Zomleti- Khikhadziri road, which connects 16 villages of Skhalta gorge with Batumi.

Due to narrowness of existing road, project envisaged widening of existing road bed by means of cutting of slopes and acquisition of private land plots located at certain sections, thus caused different reactions in population.

In order to study mentioned problem, Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and Deputy Chairman Ioseb Kadagishvili inspected progress of rehabilitation works in Skhalta gorge.

Committee dealing with project related issues was created by initiative of the Chairman, which is composed of representatives of relevant divisions of roads department and local road offices, also World Bank and contractor companies. 

Pursuant to statement of Mr. Shavliashvili: “changes have been made to the design by the decision of the Committee and approval of the World Bank. Rehabilitation project of respective section considers as ecological factors as well as interests of road users and locals to the greatest possible extent”.

Changes shall affect several road sections:

·         In the territory of village Tsablana, near Skhalta church dating back to the 10th century, wherein road bed does not exceed 5 m, road parameters will remain unchanged. Though, parking area shall be arranged near the church;

·     Rehabilitation works will be implemented considering existing road parameters at the adjacent territory of the village Cheri cemetery, wherein possibility of road widening is excluded on the account of acquisition of additional territory.


Improvement of road parameters will be  implemented at remaining sections as a result of acquisition of some part of private land plots (agreement on relevant compensations is made with population), but at other sections by changing of road axis.

Ecological factors are revealed at some areas. In order to avoid landslide and protect road running along the slope, Committee, instead of cutting of high slope, found it reasonable to shift road axis from the riverbed, wherein bottom retaining wall and bank protection barriers would be arranged along the entire section.


Protective gabions and concrete retaining walls for strengthening of earth embankments will be arranged in order to isolate from the road. This will be done as a result of cutting of private land plots in agreement with population (in return of receiving relative compensations). Also, drainage channels and yard entrances will be restored along the road. 

Respective project envisages construction of asphalt-concrete pavement on carriageway; reinforced concrete and metal culverts; bottom and upper retaining walls; road signs and barriers. Also 2 bridges will be rehabilitated:

1.      bridge over the river Skhalta – length 17,2 m (KP +08)

2.      bridge over the river Dzmagulas Tskali - length 8 m (KP 17+92)

Currently widening of road bed and preparatory works are in progress.

Rehabilitation works started in April of the current year and will be completed in July of 2014.

Works are implemented by Ltd “Zimo-7”.

Project cost amounts to GEL 4,569,600 

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