August 14, 2011

A public celebration ‘'Gomismtoba 2011'' was held today on resort Gomismta. The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili has received participation in the celebration together with other guests. ‘'Gomismtoba 2011'' has been held for 2 years. In the framework of the celebration was organized horse racing, competing in mini-football and arm-wrestling, was held the concert of Ozurgeti Municipal cultural center folk ensemble ‘'Shvidkatsa'' and was founded Georgian and Eastern Martial arts festival ‘'Chinchaos Festival''.

Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili and Joseph archbishop of Shemokmedi have visited newly built St. George's named church, which was opened today. The minister, together with the attorney of the president in Guria region Valeri Chitaishvili has visited 17 km length rehabilitated section of Ozurgeti- Shemokmedi-Bjujhesi road, has met with the local residents and has attended the celebration. "Gomismtoba - 2011" is organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure and the Administration of Guria region.
Road rehabilitation of the Ozurgeti-Shemokmedi-Bjujhesi section has a particular importance as for tourism, as well for resort development, because it is connecting road of the resort Gomismta and highway. The rehabilitated road has been visited by the 200 families which is twice more than last year's index. Well-ordered infrastructure will increase the number of tourists in the future.
On the noted section of the road, the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia has implemented next rehabilitation works: ground works, arrangement of artificial structures, drainage pipes, protective walls. Six bridges were rehabilitated. Besides it, the territories of churches and schools, which are located according the road, were rehabilitated.
The Ministry of the Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia has implemented the rehabilitation works, with funding of the World Bank. 100 persons were employed on the project and the most of them are local residents.

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