July 22, 2011

Today, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili and Chairman of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara Mr. Levan Varshalomidze have visited the ongoing rehabilitation works on the section with length 15 km of Batumi - Akhaltsikhe road. This road connects municipalities of Keda and Khelvachauri.  Rehabilitation works on the section are funded by the World Bank. The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure implements reconstruction works. The project includes arrangement of groundwork for the road, arrangement of the artificial constructions and covering the road with asphalt. The groundwork and underground communications have already been completed, and asphalt cover has been already arranged.  Installation of  Metal  fences and road signs are being implemented now.
The connecting road of Khelvachauri and Keda (with length 15 km) is one of the most significant sections of Batumi-Akhaltsikhe road, and the rehabilitation of the section is the first step of rehabilitation of the full road. Until beginning of the rehabilitation the road was damaged, and the movement for people was uncomfortable.  - More than 50 people were employed on the rehabilitation works and the  most of them are local residents.


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