Construction of a new Kvesheti-Kobi road and 9 km long tunnel has been launched
Construction of a new Kvesheti-Kobi road and 9 km long tunnel has been launched
11 June, 2021 12:25:16

Construction of 23 km Kvesheti-Kobi road and 9 km tunnel has been launched. This section is an important part of the North-South Road Corridor Modernization Project.

The project envisages construction of 2-lane asphalt-concrete pavement, 5 bridges, 5 tunnels and rehabilitation of 1 bridge. Among them is the construction of the largest tunnel in Georgia, 9 km long and 15 m in diameter, which will be among the unique tunnels in the world.

Tunnel Boring Machine – TBM, has been especially manufactured for this project. It is distinguished by the fact that the vibration is reduced to a minimum, which ensures a safe construction process and minimal impact on the environment.

According to the design, the following villages will fall under the project: Kvesheti, Arakhveti, Zakatkari, Beniani-Begoni, Sviana-Rostiani, Mughure, Tskere and Kobi.

Due to adverse weather conditions, local population of  Khada Valley are cut off from the outside world for about 100 days a year and the existing road is unsafe. Due to heavy snow or avalanches, the road is often closed and distribution, ambulance and transit vehicles are unable to move.

With the construction of new Kvesheti-Kobi road, it will be possible to move smoothly and safely on this route at any time of the year.

In addition to solving the problems of the local population, the new road is also important from an economic point of view - the transit potential of the country will be increased, new tourist destinations will be created, which will mean the creation of new opportunities for the locals. In addition, 5 km long road leading to Gudauri and a tourist center will be constructed, which will make it safe and comfortable to move around and increase the tourism potential of the region.

The length of the existing road is 34 km, and after the completion of the project it will be 23 km, which means that the distance will be reduced by 11 km and the travel time by 1 hour.

The total cost of new Kvesheti-Kobi road project is 1.2 billion GEL. The construction is financed by the Asian Development Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the construction process is monitored by the international supervision company UBM. Completion of the project is scheduled in 2024.

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