Roads rehabilitation is actively progressing in Marneuli Municipality
Roads rehabilitation is actively progressing in Marneuli Municipality
02 June, 2021 10:18:08

Roads rehabilitation works are being actively carried out by Roads Department in Marneuli Municipality.

Currently, rehabilitation works are actively progressing at  Marneuli-Lomtagora-Algeti road, which connects Marneuli and Gardabani municipalities. The length of the mentioned road is about 15 km and it connects with the shortest route Tbilisi (Ponichala) -Marneuli-Guguti  and Tbilisi-Red Bridge international roads. It is also the shortest route between the city of Rustavi and the city of Marneuli, which is actively used by the population of densely populated villages along the road and various enterprises.

The existing road was damaged. Asphalt-concrete pavement almost did not exist and in rainy weather, some sections were practically impassable

As part of the rehabilitation project, the road will be fully restored - asphalt-concrete pavement, artificial structures, reinforced concrete pipes, a new bridge crossing and ditches will be constructed. The project also envisages works related to arrangement of junctions to local roads, entrances to residential yards, enclosed bus stops, bus shelters, road signs, marking of the carriageway, metal guardrails and plastic directional sign posts.

The project is funded with GEL 12.6 million from the state budget. Road rehabilitation works will be completed in 2022.

Another project is being implemented in Marneuli Municipality at 8 km (km 7-km 14) section of Marneuli-Tetritskaro-Tsalka secondary road. The rehabilitation section starts in the territory of Khaishi village and the road mostly passes through unpopulated area.

 Project considers to lay asphalt-concrete pavement, arrangement of reinforced concrete pipes, junctions to local roads, local entrances and entrances to the private yards in populated areas. In addition, the arrangement of road signs, enclosed bus stop and bus shelters is envisaged.  The works are financed from the state budget and its contract value is GEL 3 998 377.

Besides the aforementioned 2 ongoing projects, Roads Department will commence rehabilitating of 8 km (km 30 - km 37) section of Ponichala-Marneuli-Guguti road in 2021. This section is, in fact, depreciated and in need of full rehabilitation of road infrastructure. Ponichala-Marneuli-Guguti road connects the region with the north-western region of Armenia through Bolnisi. Consequently, the proper functioning of this road is of great importance for uninterrupted transit traffic.

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