Construction of bridges and tunnels on Rikoti pass road is in active phase
Construction of bridges and tunnels on Rikoti pass road is in active phase
08 October, 2019 10:46:51

Unprecedented project in the region –construction of Rikoti Pass road is actively ongoing. Mentioned project is one of the most complex projects in Europe from engineering standpoint, as the similar large-scale project has not yet been realized in Transcaucasia.

Currently construction works are actively ongoing on 12,2 km long Khevi-Ubisa and 13 km long Ubisa-Shorapani sections of Rikoti pass road. 75% of mobilization works have been completed at Khevi-Ubisa section. From 20 tunnels and 35 bridges, works are ongoing on 7 tunnels and on 11 bridges at mentioned road section. As for Ubisa-Shorapani section, works are progressing on 6 tunnels and 5 bridges. At the same time, earth works and other works are in progress. 


As for the remaining road sections, contract has already been awarded for the first, Chumateleti-Khevi section  and mobilization works are in progress, but for Shorapani-Argveta section, selection-evaluation of bid proposals are underway.

In total, Rikoti pass project considers construction of about 51.6 km road, which includes 96 bridges and 53 tunnels. Completion of Rikoti pass road is planned by 2022.

Modernization of Rikoti pass section is essential in terms of development of road network and bringing it in line with modern standards.

New road considers all modern road safety standards, but its parameters will ensure speed doubling in full compliance with safety norms, thus eventually will reduce by half the travel time by the time of finalization of East-West corridor. If today, covering the distance between Red Bridge to Sarpi takes 8 hours, in future it will be covered in 4-4,5 hours.

Upgrading of East-West corridor is essential as for internal development of the country as well as for enhancement of the position of Georgia within the region in order to establish attractive transport corridor. In addition, under the conditions of increasing tourist flows, top-priority is given to creating safe and comfortable road infrastructure.

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