Traffic is free at Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiatura-Zestaponi road
19 January, 2022 13:20:27

As a result of intensive cleaning works, traffic is free at Gomi-Sachkhere-Chiatura-Zestaponi secondary road.

The mode of using anti-slip chains on Nakerala pass has been lifted
19 January, 2022 13:19:21

Due to the snow, on the Kutaisi-Tkibuli-Ambrolauri secondary road, km39-km72 (Nakerala Pass), the movement of trailers and semi-trailers is restricted, while the movement of other types of vehicles is free.

Traffic is free on the rest of the road.

Road cleaning works are being carried out in a continuous mode in all directions
19 January, 2022 12:11:31
Due to the difficult meteorological conditions, the cleaning works on the roads continue in an intensive mode. Snow-clearing equipment is mobilized in all directions, technical salt is constantly poured on the roads in order to restore the traffic in the shortest possible time. At the mom...
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