Order on the Commencement of Administrative Proceedings to Determine the Actual Location of Land Plots Included in the Right-of-way of Rehabilitation Project of km1-km12.4 of Khidistavi-Ateni-Boshuri Road
16 June, 2020 20:09:27
Order on the commencement of administrative proceedings for the purpose of determining the actual location of the right-of-way of land plots envisaged by the rehabilitation project of the km1-km12.4 section of the Khidistavi-Ateni-Boshuri road of special state and pub...
Construction of 50 km long Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Pona-Chumateleti Road Continues
11 June, 2020 10:05:30
Roads Department of Georgia implements reconstruction of 50 km stretch of secondary Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Pona-Chumateleti Road. The project is divided into two 25 km long sections. For the time being, construction of structures and road pavement is underway. Asph...
Reconstruction of Khulo-Zarzma Commences
10 June, 2020 08:51:46
Reconstruction of over 5km Khulo-Zarzma section of Batumi (Angisa) – Akhaltsikhe secondary road commences. The contract has already been awarded to the tender winner company Mamisoni. This section passes through the populated area and its reconstruction is of pa...
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