On December 11-15, traffic will be restricted in the Rikoti road tunnel
08 December, 2017 00:00:00
In order to upgrade the tunnel management automated system (SKADA) in the Rikoti road tunnel located at km143 of Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze (border of the Russian F...
Situation existing on the roads
08 December, 2017 00:00:00
Based on information of Roads Department, due to difficult meteorological conditions throughout Georgia, different kinds of restrictions are set on the roads. Due to intense snow, traffic on a km1-km40 section of Gomi-Sachkhere-Chi...
Restrictions imposed on highway roads are removed
08 December, 2017 00:00:00
As a result of conducted cleaning works, the restrictions imposed on roads due to heavy snowfall and glaze ice for trailers and semi-trailers have been removed on...
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