Nugzar Gasviani

First Deputy Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia 

Date of Birth:    November 20, 1966
Place of Birth:  Sukhumi
Marital Status:  Married, has a wife and 2 children
Languages:      English, Russian, Turkish

Educational Background:


1983-1990  Polytechnical University of Georgia;  Faculty of Motor Roads;  Speciality – Design, Construction and Operation of Motor Roads

1993-1995  Academy of the Ministry of Security of Georgia;  Faculty of Law 


Professional Experience: 

1990-1993  Roads Construction Division, Foreman
1993-1999  Ministry of Security of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia; Operative staff, Senior operative staff, Head of the Department
1999-2003  Roads Department of Georgia – Deputy Head of Roads Operation Division
2003-2006  Roads Department of Georgia –Head of Roads Operation Division
2006-2010  Roads Department of Georgia, Head of Roads Administration Division
15 July 2010  was appointed on the position of the First Deputy Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia




Based on Order No 866 of the President of Georgia dated December 4, 2009 was awarded the “Medal of Honor”.







Joseph Kadagishvili

Deputy Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia


Date of Birth:                       05.09.1976

Place of Birth:                     Tbilisi, Georgia

Marital Status:                     Married

Foreign Languages:            Russian, English





1993-1998                            I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University  

                        Faculty of International Relations


1993-1998                       Tbilisi Economics, Law and Information International Institute

                         Faculty of Law


1982-1989                              Russian School in  Dedoplistskaro




Work Experience:


2012                                        Republic of Belarus  “SAFE” Ltd



2011-2012                              “SAFE” Ltd

                          Founder and Financial Director


2009-2010                             “Ika 2009” ltd

                          Procurement  Manager


2006-2007                              Construction Company “ RTG”

                                                  Financial Manager of Design Works


2005-2007                              JSC “Glekhuri Ezo” 

                         Deputy Liquidator


2004-2008                             National Health Management Center of Georgia

                         Member of Liquidation Committee


2003-2007                              JSC “Glekhuri Ezo” 

                                                 Chairman of Supervisory Board


2002-2006                              Ministry of State Property Management of Georgia

                          Department of Registration and Management of State Property

                          Leading Specialist


1999-2001                              Non-governmental organization of sports of Georgia

                         Committee of International projects, programs and investment attraction








Irakli Litanishvili     


Deputy Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia


Date of Birth:    March 8, 1960
Place of Birth:  Tbilisi, Georgia
Marital Status:  is married, has one child 

Languages:       Russian, English

Educational Background:

1982    Polytechnic Institute of Georgia, Specialization – motor roads  

Professional Experience:

1982-1986        Engineer of Roads Operation Section No24 under the Ministry of Motor Roads of          Georgia
1986-1987        Engineer of Planning, Labor and Salary Department of the Ministry of Motor Roads of   Georgia;
1987-1988        Chief Engineer of Economic Planning Department
1989-1993        Deputy Head of the J.V.“Sakavtomagistrali” 
1993-1999        Chief Engineer of Roads Operation Division No31
1999-2003        Engaged in Business
2004                  Deputy Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia


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