Contract Award Notification
Project Name: Second Secondary and Local Roads Project (SLRP II) 
The project implementing Agency: Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia
Country: Georgia
Project Number: P122204
Bid/Contract Reference No: SLRP II/CW/NCB-13
Scope of Contract: Rehabilitation of the Tekhuri Riverbank Wash-outs (Road Embankment Failures) Developed at km12+800 – km13+120 and at km15+480 – km15+640 Road Sections of the “Noqalakevi – Didi Chkoni Road” pass.
Bid type:  National Competitive Bidding.
Contractor: JSC “ARQEOPOLISI” 
Address: Reional Senaki Village Dzveli Senaki, Georgia. 
Total contract cost: 1,722,785.68 GEL (One Million Seven Hundred Twenty-Two Thousand Seven Hundred Eighty-Five Laris and Sixty-Eight Tetris.)
Contract duration: 180 (One Hundred and Eighty) days.

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