1.    Department of Roads under Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia (Al. Kazbegi avenue #12, Tbilisi) announces two stage International Competitive Bidding for the procurement of services related to preparation of Feasibility Study and Environmental Impact Analysis for upgrading of Tbilisi-Sagarejo section of Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi road (border of Azerbaijan) and invites all the interested legal or/and physical entities for participation.
2.    Delivery period: During 2009, according to the schedule agreed between parties.

Interested legal or/and physical entities may obtain full information about the services to be performed from Technical Policy, Roads Administrative and State Procurement Divisions of Roads Department under the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia from January 27, 2009 to February 16, 2009 during working days and office hours.

3.    Interested Bidders should submit (in Georgian language) the qualification data and initial Bids with description of general conceptions for conducting the services and applied standards and norms (during performance of the services should be applied and followed applicable international and Georgian standards and norms). No financial proposal is required. Qualification data and initial bids should be submitted in two copies, original and a copy sealed in separate packages, on February 17, 2009 from 1000 to 1800 and on February 18, 2009 from 1000 to 1200 to the following address: Roads Department of the Ministry of Economic Development of Georgia, General Division, ground floor.

In compliance with the “Georgian Law on State Procurement” and under statute requirements of the State Procurement rules, late initial bids and qualification requirements will not be considered by Tender Commission of the Department and will be returned unopened.

Proposals will be admitted only from the entities having legal status.

Tender Commission will review qualification data and initial bids submitted by the bidders; on the first stage, if necessary, will make the bidders specify technical characteristics and other data and determine legal or/and physical entities eligible for the second stage. 

The evaluation of qualification information submitted by legal or/and physical entities shall be done on the basis of their adequacy with qualification requirements.

The evaluation of originally submitted bids shall be done only on the basis of their adequacy with the requirements of Procurement Agency. No scores shall be applied.

For the bidding second stage, Tender Commission will invite only those eligible bidders whose qualification information, including principal requirements, technical characteristics and other data  specified in this announcement, has been determined to be responsive to the requirements of the first stage bidding.

4.    Qualification information should contain following certificates and information:

4.1.1.    For legal entities:

a)    Report from the Entrepreneurs register.
b)    Power of attorney of signature, in case the person in charge is not authorized to sign.
c)    Statement of the taxation office about indebtedness.

4.1.2.    For individuals:

a)    Statement of Authorized, Medical Institution as an evidence that individual is not under partial or total disability.
b)    Statement of the taxation office about indebtedness.

Interested legal and physical entities from foreign countries should submit certificates from the corresponding institutions active in their countries.

4.1.3.    For both, legal and physical entities:

a)  Information concerning the equipment and devices necessary to perform the services.

In order to perform the services specified in this tender, the bidder should have modern geodetic equipments, appropriate geological and engineering equipments, computer devices, transport facilities and other equipments, techniques and tools either in his ownership or in any forms permitted or not forbidden by the Civil Code of Georgia (renting, lending and etc.).

Note: Information should be submitted according to the table below:

For more details please see file...

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