December 3, 2012

     Construction  of Ruisi-Agara  section of E-60 highway.

    Construction of E-60 highway continues. The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Mr. David Narmania viewed ongoing construction works on Ruisi - Agara section.

     The project includes construction - reconstruction of 19 km section of the  highway, among  them reconstruction into 4 lane highway of 11 km long of existing road,  and construction of 8 km long bypass road of Agara. Ruisi - Agara 19 km - long section is the first stage of construction of Ruisi - Rikoti road.

    Chinese company "China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Company" implements the project, which is coordinated by the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure, and is funded by the World Bank with 70, 7 million GEL. A new section of highway will be equal to international standards after finishing construction works.

    5 units of the transport will be built on the section; two bridges (184-meter long and 144 meter long) crossings over the rivers Ptsa and the river Prone will be constructed. Construction of the 91-meter-long railway viaduct is planned. Also, undergrounds (by which, the local population will be able to carry out agricultural activities on the agricultural land located on other side of the road), artificial structures and water pipes will be installed on the section of the road. The section of road will be constructed with cement - concrete cover.

    At the same time, construction and rehabilitation works are ongoing in continuous mode on the other sections of the highway as in the west as in the east of Georgia.  

    Society will be periodically informed about the works ongoing on other sections of the highway.


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    November 29, 2012

     New Commission is created at Roads Department of Georgia.

    Based on the Order of Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, is established a Commission, which will carry out monitoring of construction machinery mobilized by contractor organizations within the scope of contracts financed by the World Bank, ADB and JICA. 

    To that end, today Commission carried out monitoring of construction machinery mobilized for works ongoing on Kutaisi New Bypass Road and Kutaisi New Bypass Road-Samtredia section of Zestaponi-Kutaisi-Samtredia road in Imereti region.

    Members of the Commission checked the compliance of the machinery considered by the contract with the machinery actually available on site. Monitoring will take place on other construction sites permanently within one month. Final conclusion will be presented by the Commission by the end of the year.

    Pursuant to the statement of Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, construction-rehabilitation works on respective site is progressing  in accordance with approved working schedule. Mobilized machinery is complying with the conditions stipulated by the contract. As for the construction process, it is carried out in full compliance with engineering and technological norms and schedules considered by the contract. According to Mr. Zakaria, this approach will be applied for all construction sites. All the more under the conditions of unprecedented challenges that are planned for 2013. In 2013,construction process on further sections of the highway will launch with full capacity and 118 km of road will be constructed in a parallel mode. It should be noted, that such a high activity in terms of road construction has never been displayed in Georgia. 

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    November 19, 2012

    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, personally inspected preparatory works for winter season.


    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, personally inspected preparatory works for winter season along Khashuri-Borjomi-Akhaltsikhe-Vale (Turkish border) international road. Company “Gzamsheni-5” Ltd and “Avtogza-2000” Ltd carry out cleaning works on  different sections of the respective road and take all necessary measures to ensure uninterrupted traffic.

    Representatives of the mentioned companies showed on site to the management of the Department machinery and other equipments mobilized for winter maintenance.

    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili inspected ongoing works on Koda-Algeti-Tikmatazhi-Ninotsminda secondary road. Pursuant to the contract, “Javakhavtogza” Ltd and “Bedeki” Ltd shall ensure uninterrupted traffic on this road section during the winter.

    At this stage, patchwork on carriageway and reinstatement of drainage system  (cleaning of culverts and channels) is carried out along the mentioned road by  Contractor organizations. Arrangement of support points is completed, where the personnel shall work 24 hours.  The points are equipped with relevant machinery: snow cleaning machine, reserve of sand-salt mixture and service staff are also mobilized.




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    November 8, 2012

    Advisory board  is established on  the initiative of Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili.


    Negotiating body – Advisory Board is established on the initiative of Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia.

    Negotiating body is comprised by the specialists and experts of the Department. Invited experts with deliberative vote shall work along with the personnel of RD in the board.

    Advisory Board is established to review important issues and take relevant decisions. At the same time, the Board will work on the issues related to the further development of road infrastructure and cooperation with international financial organizations.



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    November 7, 2012

     Management of Roads Department of Georgia met with the representatives of the World Bank


    Chairman of Roads Department Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili met with the representatives of the World Bank supervision mission – Mr. Jean-Francois Marteau, Transport Program Team Leader for Central Europe and Baltic Countries and Mr. Marinos Skempas, Highway Engineer. Working meeting was also attended by Deputy Chairmen of the Department  and from the Bank’s side Ms. Darejan Kapanadze, Senior Environmental Specialist and Mr. Joseph Melitauri, Task Team Leader for Secondary and Local Roads Project.


    At the meeting the sides discussed ongoing road construction and rehabilitation projects financed by the World Bank and agreed on the schedule of next working  meeting. 


    Representatives of the World Bank will stay in Georgia for several days and monitor ongoing rehabilitation projects by visiting the project sites. The World Bank representatives will provide analysis of the monitoring outcomes to Georgian side later.


    Supervision mission of the donor organization paid a planned visit to Georgia.




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