December 26, 2012


     Liakhvi river bank protection works are  in progress


    The Chairman of the Road Departament of Georgia, Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili visited the river bank protection of new bridges.

     Regulating walls are being constructed at the highway, under the on-going project related to construction of new bridges over the river Liakhvi.

    At the present time the drilling of piles for the construction of the wall is in progress

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    December 18, 2012


     Installation of lighting systems will be resumed on further sections of the highway


    High technological and  energy efficient lighting systems will be installed on completed sections of the highway. Installation of illumination systems and their operation on highways, bridges and tunnels throughout the country will be provided by qualified specialists.

    Management of Roads Department held consulting meetings with experts of the world’s leading companies manufacturing lighting systems in order to organize and install new lighting technologies on highways and introduce method of operation.

    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department and Mr. Ioseb Kadagishvili, Deputy Chairman visited Munich for two days in order to solve respective issues.

    Within the scope of the visit, representatives of the department visited the factory of world’s leading brand “Osram” and studied on-site  the issues related to installation and exploitation characteristics and peculiarities of high tech production.

    Also, parties agreed to provide training for Georgian specialists at manufacturing base of Osram and organize study course for students of relevant faculties.


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    December 17, 2012


    Road maintenance–snow cleaning and uninterrupted traffic movement in winter on  international roads- central highways and  secondary roads – access roads to municipal centers  is ensured By Roads Department.

    Works on local roads- municipal roads  are provided by relevant services of the Municipality. 

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    December 7, 2012


     Georgian Road Builders celebrate professional holiday on  December 10.



    Georgian Road Builders celebrate professional holiday “ Road Builder’s Day” on  December10.  

    This year, ceremony dedicated to Road Builder’s Day is organized by the Society of Road Builders of Georgia.

    Mr. David Narmania, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia will  congratulate field experts on professional day.

    Veteran  and successful road builders will be awarded with honorable certificates for their long-term fruitful work in road sector.

    A solemn ceremony will be held at the conference hall of Radisson Blue Iveria Hotel  on  December10.  



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    December 6, 2012


    Monitoring of construction machinery mobilized on sites is  proceeding


    Commission, established  for monitoring of construction machinery mobilized on sites by roads construction companies under the contracts of World Bank, ADB and JICA, continued site visits. For this time, members of the commission carried out monitoring of  construction machinery mobilized on Ruisi-Agara section in Kareli district.


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