February 1, 2013


    Capability to win in international biddings is increased for Georgian Companies


    Roads Department of Georgia is conducting negotiations with donor organizations on liberalization of qualification criteria for international biddings. In particular, till now bidders for participating in biddings were requested to provide such a large volume of performed works and a big amount of consumed funds that none of Georgian companies were able to meet. Pursuant to new initiative, requirement criteria will be below existing threshold. Accordingly, more Georgian companies will be given opportunity to participate in international biddings.

    Roads Department of Georgia and European Investment Bank reached an agreement on reducing bidding requirements within the scope of Samtredia-Grigoleti Road (4 lane road)  Construction Project. Based on the agreement, requirement for annual construction turnover was reduced from 90 mln Euros up to 40 mln Euros.

    Requirements included one item, which stated that the bidding company should submit documents certifying completion of 2 projects comprising of the works of similar nature, complexity and content performed by the interested bidder during the last 5 (five) years. Currently bidders are requested to submit information just on one implemented project of similar nature.  


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    January 24, 2013

    The Chairman of the Roads Department of Georgia took part in the International Conference in Switzerland


       On January 22-23, a conference held in  Basel, organized by Global Energy Basel’s  Foundation - was devoted to the issues of sustainable infrastructure funding.

       On this conference representatives of the relevant agencies of different countries reviewed the issues about sustainability planning and implementation of infrastructure projects, economic and social efficiency to establish the infrastructure for sustainable financing of innovative methodologies and experience of the representatives from other countries .

       The delegation from Georgia was invited to the conference in Basel with business trip:  Mr. Davit Murgulia,  Deputy Minister of  Regional Development and Infrastructure, Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili The Chairman of Roads Department, Mr. Joseph Kadagishvili Deputy Chairman and the head off of other sub-structures of The  Ministry.

       The representatives of Georgian  delegation informed participants of conference about  the  planned infrastructure projects and their funding sources in Georgia.


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    January 17, 2013


    Electro-technical works is carried out in Rikoti tunnel


       Because  of  completion  electro-technical works from 18 January till 30 January traffic movement is forbidden for all type of vehicles from 20:00 pm till 8:00 am and all type of vehicles shall move through Rikoti bypass road.

       In case  of  worsening of  meteological weather conditions electro - technical works will be temporarily suspended, and the movement will be recovered through the tunnel.


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    January 4, 2013


     Roads Department of Georgia acquired modern road machinery for maintenance of roads


    Roads Department of Georgia will distribute 19 units of modern road machinery with the value of 6 million GEL to the contracting companies which are responsible for maintenance of roads, uninterrupted and safe  traffic during the winter.


    Up-to-date, combined snow cleaning and salt spreading machines, autograders and rotors will ensure maintenance of roads in winter as well as during other seasons.


    Road equipments will be located in various regions of Georgia and mainly at Rikoti and Gombori pass and Georgian military road where, due to complicated terrain and weather conditions, traffic is often limited and allowed with relevant regime.


    (Roads Department of Georgia will transfer the machinery to State Construction Company Ltd. that will distribute mentioned equipments to the contracting companies successful in bidding).   

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    December 26, 2012


    Traffic movement through Gori tunnel is free in both direction


    The Chairman of the Road Departament of Georgia, Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili visited installation of safety, lighting and videocontrol system in new tunnel near the Gori.

    At this point, electro-mechanical works were complited in both tunnels. In particular, installation of telephone connection, alarm and videocontrol  system.

    Also, elaboration of  the lighting system was condacted and adding of the capacity lamps.

    The remaining works on the tunnel, vehicle movement was carried out with changing  mode from December 9: Through one of the tunnel and bypass road.

    The vehicle shall move one-way traffic through the both tunnel on mention section from 27 december.

    Installed systems will be switched in united network of computer management.

    Also, the management of  the automatical electric power  provide will be conducted.

    One of the most important objects of highway road – Gori tunnels were exploited in  November 2011, but the internal  works still is not complited.


    There is two parallel road tunnel wich is located on the 87 – km and the length of tunnel is 680 meters, and the width is 8 meters.


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