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    May 15, 2013

    Chairman of Roads Department is carrying out monitoring of road sections

    Mr. Davit Shavliashvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, and Mr. Ioseb Kadagishvili, Deputy Chairman, are conducting site visits in order to monitor ongoing projects.  Within the scope of site-visits, they inspected work progress of Kutaisi bypass road and Kutaisi bypass -Samtredia road.  

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    May 15, 2013

    Traffic is resumed at the road located in a disaster zone

    As a result of heavy rain and hail rocky materials came down on the carriageway of Chalaubani-Bakurtsikhe (Barjiskhevi) and Bakurtsikhe-Kardenakhi (village Kardenakhi) sections of international Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi road, also on village Kolageni section of Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe road, due to which traffic in village Kolageni and village Kardenakhi has been temporarily closed and in Barjiskhevi temporarily hindered.

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    May 14, 2013

    Davit Shavliashvili inspected construction of Ruisi-Agara section 

    Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and Deputy Chairman Ioseb Kadagishvili inspected the progress of construction works at the highway under the monitoring of roads construction and rehabilitation.

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    April 10, 2013

    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili is conducting monitoring of road maintenance works

    Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, hold meeting at Kutaisi office with the Contractors, who has won in roads maintenance biddings. 

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    February 19, 2013


    Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia inspected construction works ongoing on Kobuleti Bypass road.


    Within the scope of monitoring of ongoing projects Mr. Zakaria Khundzakishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, inspected construction works conducting on 12 km long section of Kobuleti bypass road.

     New alignment of Choloki-Sarpi road -  Kobuleti bypass road LOT I

    Length of the section to be constructed: 12 km

    Following works are ongoing on km0-km12.4 km of Kobuleti bypass road: arrangement of pre stressed beams for superstructure; installation of new jersey barriers on bridges and construction of road base (road bed).

    Within the respective project existing 2-lane road is widening to 4-lane road from Chakvi-Makhinjauri section (km30-km33) whereon construction of road bed is in progress.

    Completion of works is planned in August, 2013. 

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