September 19, 2010


Rehabilitation works on 9,4 km long Khabume-Jumiti-Zumi-Mukhuri road section are underway in Samegrelo.
Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and Mr. Zaza Gorozia, State Representative in Samegrelo-Zemo (Upper) Svaneti region, have inspected rehabilitation works.
Mentioned road section connects 4 villages to each other. Project considers construction of cement-concrete pavement by application of German technology, average operating period of which lasts 30-35 years. Rehabilitation works include construction of road base, drainages, artificial structures and cement concrete pavement on the carriageway. 
Value of works financed under the Government of Georgia amounts to 4 mln 340 thousand GEL. Almost 50 persons are employed on rehabilitation works and most of them are locals.
Project has started in December 2009 and it will be finalized in December of the current year.

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