December 30, 2009

Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia will open the bridge over the river Mtkvari at 5 km of Akhaltsikhe-Ninotsminda road (Armenian Border). 

Sidewalks were arranged on mentioned 5 span bridge, railings were rehabilitated, regulating structures and gabions were provided, piers were strengthened. Asphalt-concrete pavement was constructed on the carriageway; reflective posts were installed at the bridge approaches, road signs and markings were provided. Total length of the bridge is 138 m. Rehabilitation works were executed by “Kolkhi” LTD.

It should be noted that the road has been destroyed during the years, but now it is restored. As a result of rehabilitation of existing road and bridge, thousands of tourists will be able to drive comfortably from Akhaltsikhe to Vardzia Monastic Complex. Rehabilitation of the bridge is utmost important for the country’s economical development, it will promote tourist potential and will assist to integration of Georgian tourist routes into the international network.

At the same time, Akhaltsikhe-Ninotsminda road (Armenian Border) is the main road that connects Georgia to Armenian border. Rehabilitation of the bridge will assist to improve social condition of the local communities. 

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