July 20, 2009

Mr. David Tkeshelashvili, Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure and Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, will open 3,5 km long section of  Igoeti-Sveneti road part of International Tbilisi-Senaki-Leselidze highway near the village Shavshvebi, in the direction of Gori.

Modernization of RHS road with cement-concrete pavement is completed and traffic will be diverted to 3,5 km long Igoeti-Sveneti section. Simultaneously, modernization works will be executed on the left direction of the road.

A soon as the road is opened, traffic movement towards the West direction will become more comfortable that is utmost important in the conditions of increased traffic intensity during the holiday season.    Construction of E-60 highway was implemented by means of new technology – cement-concrete pavement – that is tested and approved in many developed countries and is distinguished by particular firmness and environmental safety. It has long lasting operational period and within 30-35 years the road does not require any rehabilitation works. It is profit-proved as vehicles run out of approximately less then 10 % fuel when driving on such type of pavement (according to the World Bank Experts’ conclusion).

Highway Parameters:

•    Number of lanes - 4 lanes

•    Max. longitudinal curve - 4 %

•    Wight of one-way carriageway - 11,5 m

•    Min. wight of median line - 5.0 m

•    Wight of the lanes - 3,75 m

•    Design speed  -  120 km/h

“Ashtrom Internashional ltd”  is executing modernization works on Igoeti-Sveneti road section.

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