November 14, 2013

Traffic movement at completed Kobuleti bypass road will be temporally diverted to Ozurgeti-Kobuleti  road

It became necessary to link the last section of the route -Sajavakho-Ozurgeti-Kobuleti section (section of LOT I) to Ozurgeti-Kobuleti road (km67-km71) in order to put Kobuleti bypass road into service.

Pavement of respective section was damaged and required upgrading. Traffic flow shifted into Kobuleti bypass road will use this road; accordingly movement of vehicles, among them heavy load trucks, will be increased at mentioned road. Additional works are planned by the decision of the management of RD, which envisage rehabilitation of 4,3 km Ozurgeti-Kobuleti section (length of existing section to be rehabilitated is 3,85 km, but length of junctions is 0,45 km).

Project considers upgrading of damaged asphalt-concrete carriageway at 2,43 km long section, but assembled concrete slabs will be arranged at remaining 1,83 km road. Road was widened at several sections in order to increase traffic capacity.

  • width of the carriageway – 6.5 m
  •  width of the shoulders – 1,5 – 2.0 m

Project also envisages arrangement of sidewalks in settled areas, rehabilitation of existing culverts and construction of new culverts. Installation of standard as well as individual type of road signs and marking is considered.   

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