October 16, 2013

George Amashukeli participated in two international meetings organized by United Nations in Bangkok

Deputy Chairman of Roads Department George Amashukeli attended fifth meeting of the Working Group on the Asian Highway and Asian Highway Investment Forum organized by   UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and The Pacific (ESCAP) in Bangkok.   

Among 25 representatives of Member States, represented at the fifth meeting of the Working Group on the Asian Highway, George Amashukeli was elected as Vice-Chair of the Chairman of the Working Group. The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Economic Commission for Europe, Asian Development Bank, Central Consultant Inc., Korea Expressway Corporation and other international organizations.

George Amashukeli along with other participants of the meeting provided reports on Asian Highway Development Programs and Projects in member States. They also discussed road safety related initiatives that are being implemented under the improvement of the Asian Highway network.

Top priority issue of Asian Highway Investment Forum was improving investment environment in highways.

At respective forum, participants were able to get acquainted with presentations of bilateral and multilateral donors, international organizations and private sectors on investment opportunities of highway projects in member countries. Also, participants provided important information on new approaches and practices of financing highway projects in member States.     

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