October 3, 2013

Picture story of Ruisi-Agara section under construction

Roads Department periodically provides updated photo material from construction sites. Currently, photo material and relevant information reflecting construction of Ruisi-Agara section is accessible to public at the web page of Roads Department under “Gallery”.

Reconstruction-modernization of 19 km Ruisi-Agara section is actively progressing. At this stage, construction of road base (arrangement of the embankment and compaction) is ongoing within the scope of the project. Also, construction of bridges and other structures is concurrently underway.

Arrangement of reinforced –concrete piles at overpasses No.1, No. 2 and  No.3 (Ruisi and Kareli overpasses) is already completed. Construction of pier bodies and cross-bars at overpasses No.1 and  No. 2 is ongoing, but at overpasses No.3, arrangement of cross-bars and embankments at approaches is underway. At the same time, construction of culverts and 2 underpasses is completed at respective section; at present, arrangement of road bed is progressing.

Project description: 

Project considers partial reconstruction of existing road with minor changes in alignment and construction of a new alignment.

Existing alignment will be maintained at 11 km long section with necessary improvements in order to meet parameters of the road of category I, but Agara bypass road with new alignment will be constructed at 8 km long section.

Two- level crossings will be constructed   at km95, km99, km102, km107 and km113 of respective road, wherein 5 overpasses will be built.


Two parallel bridges will be built over the river Proni at km 104 .

Length – 183.5 m

Width – 14.65 m

Number of spans - 7

Two parallel bridges will be built over the river Ptsa  at km 107 .

Length – 143.6 m

Width – 14.65 m

Number of spans - 5

Parallel overpasses that will cross existing railway will be built at km 109

Length – 91.3m

Width – 14.65 m

Number of spans - 3

Construction works started on December 17, 2012 and is expected to be finished by the end of 2014. Construction works are implemented by contractor organization “China Nuclear Industry”. The project is financed by the World Bank and its budget amounts to GEL 70,756,744.92.

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