September 19, 2013

Davit Shavliashvili inspected rehabilitation works at Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili road

Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and Deputy Chairman George Amashukeli keep on monitoring of sections under rehabilitation. At that time, they together with the Chairman of Mestia Assembly Gocha Khorguani and Gamgebeli of Mestia Kapiton Zhorzholiani inspected preparatory works for rehabilitation of 12,37 km section and 3 bridges at Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili road.

Gravel section of Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili road goes through narrow ravine. Local population and tourists encountered problems while using this road within the years. As a result of its rehabilitation, traffic movement from Zugdidi to Ushguli will become safe and comfortable.

12,37 km Mestia-Ushguli section of Zugdidi-Jvari-Mestia-Lasdili road (LOT I km141-km154)

Rehabilitation of 12,37 km section envisage: construction of asphalt-concrete carriageway, arrangement of metal pipes, gabions, shoulders, junctions, bus stops, enclosed bus stop and road signs. New bridge will be built at KP61+82,5, but existing bridges at KP47+68,7 and KP61+80 will be rehabilitated.  

Dimension of bridges:

New bridge at KP61+82,5 – length 41,2 m, width – 6 m.

Rehabilitation of existing bridge at KP47+68,7 - length 18 m, width – 6 m.

Rehabilitation of existing bridge at KP61+80 - length 24m, width – 6 m

At present following works are underway: construction of retaining wall of the gabion, road base, protective structures and bank protection works. Also widening of roadbed and dismantling of damaged pipes. Preparatory works are ongoing at bridges.

Works are implemented by “New Construction” LTD. Cost of the works financed under the State Budget amounts to GEL 12,900,000. 

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