September 13, 2013

Davit Shavliashvili inspected progress of construction works in Samegrelo

Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and his Deputy George Amashukeli inspected progress of rehabilitation works of 2 bridges at Ingiri-Shamgona road and Zugdidi-Anaklia road. Rehabilitation works at mentioned section is progressing actively.

Principals of the Department have checked preparatory works at a new construction site in Shamgona municipality. At the request of local population, rehabilitation of additional section, which connects public school, kindergarten and IDP complex settlement of Shamgona to central road, was considered in the annual plan by the decision of Roads Department and World Bank.

  1. Rehabilitation of 8,5 km section of Ingiri-Shamgona road

Project considers: construction of asphalt-concrete carriageway, construction of structures, retaining walls, entrances to the private yards, sidewalks and road signs. World Bank took into consideration request of the population and additional works will be undertaken that covers rehabilitation of access road to school.

At this stage main works are completed at 8,5 km section of respective road.

Construction of upper layer of asphalt-concrete pavement, sidewalks, retaining walls and entrances to the private yards are progressing. Also, stabilization of road base is continued at other sections of the road.

Rehabilitation works are performed by “Zugdidi Road Division” LTD.

Project cost is GEL 2,926,300. Donor is the World Bank.

Mentioned road starts from the village Ingirshi and ends in the center of the village Shamgona.

  1. Rehabilitation of bridges and access roads at 1 km section of Zugdidi-Anaklia road.

Project envisages: construction of two bridges and structures at bridge approaches at KP 25+140 and KP 26+140; arrangement of road pavement, metal culvers, entrances to the private yards, bus tops and pedestrian paths.

Bridges practically were damaged; as a result of bridge rehabilitation, traffic movement will become comfortable from Zugdidi to resort zone of Anaklia for population and tourists.

 At present concreting of bridge pier girder at KP 25+140 and drilling-concreting of bridge piles at KP26+140 is underway. Sandy mixed gravel will be spread, evened and compacted along the section existing between the bridges by the end of the week.  

Dimension of bridges:

Bridge at KP 25+140, length – 27,70 m; width – 9

Bridge at KP 26+140, length – 27,70 m; width – 9

Works are performed by contractor company JSC “Khidmsheni”. Project budget amounts to GEL 1,564.000 and it is financed by the State Budget. 

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