September 9, 2013

Mr. Davit Shavliashvili continued monitoring of construction works

Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and his Deputy George Amashukeli continued monitoring of construction works in West Georgia. At present, they inspected construction of Kobuleti bypass road.

Respective project is divided in two Lots.

Kobuleti bypass road – Choloki-Sarpi/ new alignment LOT I

Length of the section to be constructed is 12,4 km+ 2,3km (4 lane Chakvi-Makhinjauri road).

Construction of pre-stressed beams for superstructure at km0-km12.4 of Kobuleti bypass road is completed. Arrangement of reinforced-concrete joining slabs, sidewalks, railings, culverts, underpasses and New Jersey barriers is completed. Also, construction of sub-grade and sub-base and metal guardrails is finished.

Currently, construction of asphalt-concrete pavement is underway.

Existing two-lane road is widening to four-lane road from Chakvi-Makhinjauri section (km30-km33) within the scope of the project; earthwork (arrangement of embankment) is ongoing at respective section. 

Construction of drainage systems (ditches) is progressing in concurrent mode.

Contractor: Sinohydro

Project cost: GEL 115,497,153.97

Donor is Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Construction of Kobuleti Bypass Road – Lot II

Length of the road to be constructed is 18.8 kmEarthworks are underway (removal of topsoil, delineation of embankment).

Construction of reinforced-concrete piles at overpass No. 1 (54 piles are done) is completed. Concurrently production of reinforced-concrete pipes and pre-stressed beams has been commenced at construction base. Paving of pile connecting layer is completed. Construction of abutment at overpass No. 2 is completed.

Construction of 18.8 km asphalt-concrete pavement, 16 bridges, 4 overpasses, 2 tunnels and 64 culverts is planned at km12+400-km31-259 section of Kobuleti bypass road.

Width of bridges is 17 m, width of the bridge deck is 14 m.

Dimension of tunnels – (clearance) 5 m, width of the carriageway – 7,5 m

Contractor: Sinohydro

Project budget: GEL 209,852,079.67

Donor is Asian Development Bank (ADB).

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