September 6, 2013

Roads Department commenced the next phase of monitoring of construction sites

Chairman of Roads Department Davit Shavliashvili and his Deputy George Amashukeli conducted site-visits in order to monitor ongoing projects.

Within the scope of next monitoring phase, they inspected progress of construction works at Kutaisi Bypass Road and Kutaisi Bypass Road-Samtredia section. Works at construction sites are progressing actively in spite of prolonged bad weather. Contractor companies implemented construction works in two shifts during good climate conditions in order to ensure compliance with a schedule.

1.      Kutaisi bypass road (length 17.3 km)

Construction of concrete pavement at 6,7 km long section (km10.6-km17.3) of Kutaisi bypass road is completed and construction of shoulders and structures is in progress. By that time, out of  43 structures (culverts and underpasses) to be constructed at respective section construction of 37 structures is completed.

Construction of bridges is continued at mentioned road section. Construction of reinforced concrete piles for bridges being constructed over the Riv. Chishura, River Rioni, River Nakhshirghele, Rioni channel and River Tskaltsitela is completed. Construction of reinforced-concrete connecting pile slabs and pier bodies is underway; Concurrently, works of the following stage - construction of bridge beams is ongoing. Currently, 15 beams are arranged at Nakhshirghele Bridge, but 4 beams are installed at Rioni channel.

Also, construction of piles, girders, reinforced-concrete connecting pile slabs and pier bodies is completed at overpasses No 1, No.2, No.3 and No.4.

Project completion is planned by December 2013.

2.      Kutaisi bypass road – Samtredia section  (length 25.6 km)

Construction of road bed and base of the carriageway is progressing at km0-km15 of  Kutaisi bypass road – Samtredia section. Construction of concrete pavement is competed at 2,7,km long section of respective road.

Concurrently construction of structures is underway. Construction of 20 culverts is competed at this stage. Similar works are being undertaken for 7 culverts.

Arrangement of reinforced-concrete piles for the overpass constructed at km3 is completed (18 piles are done), but arrangement of piles at overpass constructed at km12 is progressing (5 piles are constructed).

Construction works are implemented by JV "TODINI costrucioni Generali SPA” TAKENAKA CIVIL ENGINEERING&CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD“. 

Project will be finalized in 2014. Project budget in two currencies amounts to GEL 69,608,678.29 and Euros 20,874,558.14.

Donor of both construction projects (construction of Kutaisi bypass road and  Kutaisi bypass road -Samtredia section) is Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 

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