May 15, 2013

Chairman of Roads Department is carrying out monitoring of road sections

Mr. Davit Shavliashvili, Chairman of Roads Department of Georgia, and Mr. Ioseb Kadagishvili, Deputy Chairman, are conducting site visits in order to monitor ongoing projects.  Within the scope of site-visits, they inspected work progress of Kutaisi bypass road and Kutaisi bypass -Samtredia road.  

1.    Kutaisi Bypass road (length 17.3 km)

Construction of Kutaisi Bypass road is actively progressing. At this stage, concrete pavement is constructed on 6,7 km long section of respective road (km10.6-km17.3) and works are proceeding.

Construction of bridges is ongoing in a concurrent mode. Currently, pile drilling for Chishura Bridge is completed, 166 piles were drilled for Rioni bridge, simultaneously construction of reinforced- concrete tiles for joining of piles and pier foundation is underway. Arrangement of reinforced-concrete piles is completed for the river Nakhshirghele; 32 piles were constructed on overpass  No. 3  (Geguti overpass) and similar works are completed on overpass  No.4 (Mukhiani overpass).

Out of 43 artificial structures (culverts and underpasses) to be constructed on mentioned site construction of 34 structures is completed.

Finalization of the project is planned by the end of December 2013.

2.    Kutaisi bypass road -Samtredia road.  (length 25.6 km)

Construction works on Kutaisi bypass road – Samtredia section entered into an active phase. At this stage, construction of road base (arrangement of embankment and compaction) is ongoing at km0-km8 and km14-km18 of respective road.

At the same time construction of artificial structures - reinforced concrete box culverts is in progress. By that time, construction of 9 culverts is completed, but various construction works are being performed on 4 culverts. Also, arrangement of piles (6 piles) for the river Gubistskali has been commenced.

Project will be completed in 2014. 

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