May 15, 2013

Traffic is resumed at the road located in a disaster zone

As a result of heavy rain and hail rocky materials came down on the carriageway of Chalaubani-Bakurtsikhe (Barjiskhevi) and Bakurtsikhe-Kardenakhi (village Kardenakhi) sections of international Tbilisi-Bakurtsikhe-Lagodekhi road, also on village Kolageni section of Akhmeta-Telavi-Bakurtsikhe road, due to which traffic in village Kolageni and village Kardenakhi has been temporarily closed and in Barjiskhevi temporarily hindered.

Relevant equipments were mobilized and cleaning works of the carriageway were carried out by the contracting organizations of Roads Department within the shortest time.

At present, traffic on mentioned road section is free and works for cleaning of the culverts are proceeding.


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