June 7, 2012

A new service and rest complex will be enacted at Lochini knot soon. Today, the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili personally has visited current construction works of the complex which is placed on Tbilisi bypass road.                              

Construction of the new service and rest complex at Lochini knot of Tbilisi bypass road, designed by the German architecture Jorgen Meyer goes to end. Building of construction part of the main building already has been completed. The building is grinded, heating and ventilation systems are arranged. The sanitary points located at the complex are arranged, gas and petrol stations and the semi-open picnic places are constructed. Current the works of glassing of the building, arranging of the roof of gas-station and greening of the territory are ongoing. After which the repair works will be begun.

After completing of the construction works, the fast food, mini restaurant, small office of bank service and market will be located at the service and rest center of Lochini. The territory will be greened and will be equipped with special equipment. The places for picnics will be organized and special part will be allocated for the realization of agricultural products. The object will be equipped with 3 category large-scale parking areas: for cars, buses and taxis. Also, it will be allocated separate place for cargo trailers parking.

The project is realized by LTD “PM Motors" and almost 200 people are employed on it. The construction is under the supervision of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia.  The construction of such kind of service and recreation centers is planned on 16 key areas according Central Highway throughout the Georgia.

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