June 9, 2011

The project, which has been implementing by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia and the MCG Fund in Vardzia: Construction of the road Akhaltsikhe-Vardzia with length 57 km and the new bridge has been completed today.  The section with length 41 km from these 57 has been implemented by the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia, and the section with length 16 km has been realized by the MCG Fund. The Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure Mr. Ramaz Nikolaishvili, temporary acting ambassador of the United States - in Georgia Mr. Kent Logsdon, governor of Samtskhe - Javakheti region Mr. Lasha Chkadua and Executive Director of the MCG Fund Mr. George Abdushelishvili opened the completed infrastructural objects.

Rehabilitation works of the road started in 2009, and construction of the bridge started in October 2010. Maintenance of the road is 20 years as a minimum. The length of the bridge is 67 metres, width is 12.3 metres and the width of the carriageway part of the bridge is 8 meters. Before building of the new bridge, people used the old,  damaged by disaster bridges, which were dangerous for their life. After completing of construction of the new bridge, 2 old, amortized bridges were dismantled. Construction and rehabilitation of these the road and bridge will support to tourism development and social improvement. Full rehabilitation of the square near the Vardzia monastery complex,according to the international standards,  was implemented in the frames of the project: parking and resting places were arranged, the outdoor lighting were installed and  the revetment of the territory was made. More than 300 people were employed during implementation of the project and the most of them local population. 

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