Contract Award Notification

Project Name: Third Secondary and Local Roads Project (SLRPIII)

The project implementing Agency: Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia

Country: Georgia 

Bid/Contract Reference No: SLRPIII/CW/NCB-19, DEP180000064 

Scope of Contract: (S–36) Tbilisi (Pantiani)–Manglisi Secondary Road’s Rehabilitation Works km23–km32 (L=10 km) 

Duration of Contract: 12 months

Evaluation Currency: Georgian Lari

Evaluated Bidder(s)

Name 1. A.A.B. Project LLC

Address: 39/1 Arabkir 0037, Yerevan, Armenia

Electronically Submitted Bid Price: GEL 7,296,868.03 (including VAT)

Evaluated bid price: 7,297,203.65 (including VAT)

Evaluated Bidder(s)

Name 2. Black Sea Group LLC

Address: Vaja-Phshavela ave. 71, Third Floor. Office No. 16, Tbilisi, Georgia

Electronically Submitted Bid Price: GEL 7,199,555.43 (including VAT)

Evaluated bid price: 7,199,148.67 (including VAT)

Rejected Bidder(s)

Name 1. JV Gzebi & Ketilmotskoba LLC and T Road LLC

Address: Gvetadze str., N4, Apt. N9, Tbilisi, Georgia (Gzebi da Ketilmotskoba LLC)

Phanaskerteli str., N19, Apt. N130, Tbilisi, Georgia (T Road LLC)

Electronically Submitted Bid Price: GEL 6,589,615.00 (including VAT)

Reason of Rejection: The Letter of Bid is not submitted as well as the Bid Securing Declaration, therefore, the Bid was considered as uncompleted.

Rejected Bidder(s)

Name 2. Jeu Group LLC

Address: 26 May Square N2, Building N1, Tbilisi, Georgia

Electronically Submitted Bid Price: GEL 7,452,118.38 (including VAT)

Reason of Rejection: In submitted BOQ, in the  Chapter 4 - “Artificial Structures” and in Chapter 5 - “Junctions and Yard Entrances”, the most of items are missing. Therefore, the Bid was considered incomplete.


Awarded Bidder

Name: Road Constructing Administration No1 Ltd

Address: Shindisi Road km2, Gori, Georgia

Electronically Submitted Bid Price: GEL 6,995,800.78 (including VAT)

Evaluated bid price: 6,995,800.78 (including VAT)

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