Kobuleti Bypass Road

Kobuleti Bypass Road

Donor - Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Length – 33,6 km

Project is divided in two Lots.

LOT I - new alignment of Choloki-Sarpi road with length 12,4 km  - existing alignment of Chakvi-Makhinjauri road with length 1,3 km  - in total 13,7 km

LOT II –18.9km section of Kobuleti Bypass Road (km12-km31)

E-70 highway, passing through seaside cities of Adjara is distinguished with highest intensity;  it has caused inconvenience to local population and tourists within the years.

As a result of construction of respective road, traffic from Adjara coast line would be shifted into a new road, thus will promote to ecological advancement and tourist development in the region.

Construction of Kobuleti Bypass Road is starting from km61 of existing Senaki-Poti-Sarpi road and ends at the tunnel of Chakvi-Makhinjauri road.

Construction of Highway

Ongoing construction projects

Kobuleti Bypass Road  - LOT I

Donor - Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Length – 13.7 km

Construction of a new alignment of 12.4km section of Kobuleti Bypass road was completed in 2013 and traffic was opened at a new road. Upgrading and widening of existing alignment of remaining 2.3 km Chakvi-Makhinjauri section into four-lane road is in progress.

Asphalt-concrete pavement was constructed at 12.4 km section. 14 bridges were built at the main road, among them: 3 overpasses, 13 culverts and 3 underpasses. Temporary traffic management scheme will be applied at a new road that passes through Ozurgeti-Kobuleti section  (till completion of construction of  Kobuleti Bypass Road –Lot II).


Bridge at drainage channel – 30 m

Bridge over the river Natanebi – 170 m

Bridge over the river Choloki – 86m

Bridge over the river Shavghele – 86 m

Bridge over the river Ochkhamuri – 86 m

Railroad overpass – 492 m

5 viaducts over the dry ravine – 1164 m

Overpasses /underpasses

village Natanebi – 86 m

Natanebi-Kobuleti – 86 m

Kobuleti –Tsetskhlauri – 86 m


Kobuleti Bypass Road  - LOT II

Donor - Asian Development Bank (ADB).

Construction of 18,9 km of asphalt-concrete pavement is planned at km12-km31 section of Kobuleti bypass road. Also construction of 16 bridges, among them: 7 overpasses, 2 tunnels and 64 culverts are considered by the project.  Arrangement of road bed, construction of overpasses and reinforced-concrete piers at bridges were implemented in 2013.


Bridge over the river Adjkva – 127 m

Bridge over the river Kintrishi – 127 m

Bridge over the river Kinkishi – 158 m

Bridge No.1 over the river Dekhva  - 480 m

Bridge No.2 over the river Dekhva  - 470 m

Bridge-viaduct (Sachino) – 1180 m

Bridge-viaduct (Kveda Adjkva) -480m

Bridge-viaduct over the river Chakvistskali -920 m

Bridge-viaduct (Chakvi) –230  m


Kobuleti interchange – 118 m

Khutsubani interchange – 32 m

Kvirike interchange – 59 m

Shuaghele interchange – 32m

Chakvi interchange No.1 – 32 m

Chakvi interchange No.2 – 32 m

Chakvi interchange – 63 m


Tunnel No.1  - 295 m

Tunnel No.2  - 169 m

Construction of Highway

Ongoing construction projects

Samtredia-Grigoleti road – Lot I

Length of the section to be constructed – 11.5 km

Donor - European Investment Bank (EIB)

Upgrading of 57 km Samtredia-Grigoleti road will be implemented in 4 lots. Tender procedures for LOT I (11.5 km long section) were completed in 2013. Construction works will enter into active phase in 2014. Four-lane asphalt-concrete road with a new alignment would be constructed at respective section.

Artificial structures:

Interchange – 2

Bridge – 2

Overpass – 2

Viaduct with length 503.36m – 1 

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