A new Sachkhere-Oni connecting road has been opened
A new Sachkhere-Oni connecting road has been opened
28 September, 2021 13:08:13

A new 51.5km length road connecting upper Imereti to Racha has been opened.

From today, the traffic is free on new Sachkhere-Oni shortest road.

The new road conncets two regions – Imereti and Racha. The road starts from Sachkhere, passes throught the villages: Sareki, Kvemo (lower) khevi, Uzunta, Shkmeri, Bokva, Kvashkhieti, Zudali and finally connects to Ambrolauri-Oni road, which is 20 km away from Ambrolauri and 5 km from Oni.

Plenty of the new Sachkhere-Oni road runs through the Kheri river valley in an actually uninhabited forest zone and is located at an altitude of 1000-1500 meters above sea level.

The distance of Sachkhere-Oni new road compared to the old road connecting to Racha is reduced by 80 km, and the time is decreased by 1.5 hours. Traveling the new route will take 3.5 hours instead of 5 hours.

The road construction project was executed by the Roads Department of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure of Georgia. The project was divided into seven sections and four Georgian companies worked on its construction. Overall, about 900 people were employed on the construction of the road.

The new road construction project was funded from the state budget and its cost amounted to more than 111 milion GEL.

The new Imereti-Racha road connecting provides more safer and faster connection with Racha-Lechkhumi-Kvemo (lower) Svaneti, region, which means not only improved mobility for the local population, but also the emergence of new opportunities, improving the socio-economic situation.  

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