Works are concurrently ongoing on 62 bridges and 39 tunnels at Rikoti Pass section
Works are concurrently ongoing on 62 bridges and 39 tunnels at Rikoti Pass section
02 April, 2021 09:16:47

Construction of bridges and tunnels at Rikoti Pass Road is actively progressing. Currently construction works are ongoing on 11.6 km long Chumateleti-Khevi section, 12,2 km long Khevi-Ubisa, 13 km Ubisa-Shorapani and 14, 7 Shorapani-Argveta sections of Rikoti pass road. Construction of Shorapani-Argveta road started this year. In general, 2021 will be a turning point in the construction of the Rikoti Road in terms of the progress.

At this stage, construction works are concurrently ongoing on 62 bridges and 39 tunnels, among them 6 tunnels have been already cut through. At the same time, Works are underway  on the parallel tube of the existing Rikoti pass tunnel, which is located at the first, Chumateleti-Khevi section.

In total, construction of about 51.6 km road is planned under construction of Rikoti pass road, which includes 96 bridges and 53 tunnels. Completion of  Rikoti pass road is scheduled by 2023.

Construction of Rikoti Pass section is the project of the century, which goes through the difficult geographical terrain and is implemented by application of the most complex engineering structures.

At this stage, allowed traffic speed at Rikoti section is 60km/h, while completion of the construction shall result in speed doubling.  Construction of Rikoti section will be crucial for the highway construction project, as this project shall ensure connection of highway sections, which have been already constructed in the West and East Georgia.

Modernization of Rikoti pass section is essential in terms of the development of the road network and bringing it in line with modern standards. 

It is important that a new road considers all modern road safety standards.

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